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LLVFDS Update for Aug. 1

The efforts to prevent structure loss in the valley have been successful overnight and the fire was stopped from crossing Loon Lake Road. This was thanks to many staff from the Fire Commissioner’s Office and numerous fire departments who will be formally recognized at the appropriate time as well as LLVFD members.

Wildfire Protection is actively fireguarding the area from Marigold to the end of the lake and will be for several days. This includes firebreaks and controlled burning.

There are more than 130 firefighters on scene at the lake today. There are an extensive number of helicopters dropping and air tanker resources are on 15 minute standby. We can’t thank enough the people from Wildfire Protection, other fire departments and the Fire Commissioner’s Office.

A supply run occurred today and all LLVFD members now have radios for safety reasons.

The wind is calm so far today.

Jeff Harrison
President, LLVFDS