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LLVFDS Update for Aug. 2

Firefighting has continued in the lower valley near Highway 97 with grass fires on the north side of Loon Lake Road. There are significant resources in place to assist with this as well as LLVFD.

The fire did jump Highway 97 at Loon Lake Road about 3 PM yesterday and remains very active on that side of Highway 97. Evacuations are occurring now on that side of the highway.

Telus has been working hard and is restoring service. They have installed a cell booster and wifi at the Community Hall to assist with its command post function and we are hopeful that this will remain in place. (it looks like it will) please don’t call Telus inquiring about whether your phone is up or not, they are receiving a lot of calls. Service should be fully up today or tomorrow.

Hotspots remain on top of the ridge at the east end of the lake from Marigold to the ranch. Wildfire Protection have firefighters there and are preparing firebreaks and controlled burns.

We are developing plans for “return to home” and for LLVFD deployment in the weeks after we return to our homes. The “return to home” plan will be posted well in advance. We have no jurisdiction over this but think it will be 1-2 weeks, as it all depends on weather and the wildfire’s behaviour.

Jeff Harrison
President, LLVFDS