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LLVFDS Update for Aug. 6

The Elephant Hill Wildfire started a month ago today. It is sad that we cannot all be enjoying the long weekend with our families but let’s hope that within a few weeks we are all rebuilding together our wonderful community.

First of all a huge thank you to Cari Lee Stevenson who dropped off a terrific supply of food for our firefighters including fresh corn, blueberries, baking, entrees and fantastic other goodies. We don’t post pictures due to time constraints but will make an exception at the end of this post. THANK YOU SO MUCH CARI. It has been taken up the hill right away and is safely in coolers at the Hall.

It is extremely smoky at the lake today. LLVFD is on scene along with Abbotsford FD, Vancouver FD, Coombs FD, Alberta Wildfire and Burnaby FD (night coverage). We have fought three intense spot fires the past 24 hours on the hillside without structure loss.

BC Wildfire Protection are conducting extensive sprinkler protection with thousands of feet of hose/sprinklers and scores of wildfire fighters as well as aerial support although it is hampered by intense smoke. They are having a lot of success with fire breaks and controlled burns from Marigold to the end of the lake and seem to be about 1/3 of the way toward the end of the lake.

The valley has not had significant structure loss at the farms but most of the north side of Loon Lake Road has burned in the valley.

The air quality is a serious issue today with masks necessary all of the time.

The winds are from the north but are light so far.

Jeff Harrison,
President, LLVFD