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LLVFDS Update for Aug. 8

Structure protection, hotspot elimination and controlled burning continued today as the winds remained calm despite a forecast that they would increase substantially from the West or South. The controlled burning should be completed in the next few days and has been successful in clearing ground fuel.

Residents who return in the next week or two need to be aware that the back country is completely closed to all vehicles, off road or otherwise. Conservation Officers have been in the area in large numbers and will enforce the prohibition. Please check the BC Wildfire Service website for specifics of the prohibition. Aside from the prohibition, the bush is going to be dangerous from burnt danger trees for quite some time.

Smoke remains very dense in the area of the lake.

We are actively developing the return to home plan and have been liaising with TNRD on the plan although we think it will be 1-2 weeks before the area is safe. The decision to rescind the evacuation order is made by the TNRD in consultation with Wildfire Service professionals whose entire focus is public safety. The wildfire is still very active on some of its flanks.

There will be a number of announcements in the next 1-2 weeks regarding the re-entry plan. This will include a copy of the plan as well as reference material and offers from several retailers with a connection to Loon Lake who want to help.

Jeff Harrison, President