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The Annual ICE OFF THE LAKE DATE Draw was won this year by Anita Donovan.  The ice officially exited on the morning of April 18.  Anita graciously volunteers her time to sell dates when you believe the ice will leave to the extent that a person can actually travel with a boat down the centre of the lake from one end to the other.  I suggest Anita should buy BC Lottery tickets as she has won this contest for 2 years running.  Anita was kind enough to donate the $$ to LLCRAS.  Thank you Anita♠♠



On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 one of our community members witnessed a heart-stopping incident.  The family pet was stranded on the fast melting ice about 100 yards offshore from her house.

Susanne and Doug Kavalec are seasonal owners at 1950 Loon Lake Road.  Susanne noticed that her German Shepherd dog had wandered out onto the very unstable ice surface.  The dog, which goes by the name PAGE, had partially fallen through the ice and could not get back home.

Susanne initiated a 911 call for assistance.  The automatic response in this situation is the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department is notified of a potential emergency call-out. In this case the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department is not trained or authorized to deal with incidents on the water and unfortunately had to decline to respond in an official capacity as a fire department.

Regardless, this did not prevent several members of the community to make a decision to help the Kavalec’s on their own.  The actual rescue involved launching a small boat and with 2 men inside pushed their way towards Page.  Not an easy chore for the person in the bow.  Kevin Peters used a small ladder to break the ice in front of the boat so it could be slowly propelled forward.  After a physically exhausting and slow traverse Kevin was able to get hold of a weary Page and bring her into the boat. 

Springtime is an especially dangerous time when the ice is coming off and situations like this can happen very easily.  The Kavalec’s are happy things turned out the way they did and Page lives another day to play with her other 2 family dog pals.

This is an example of the true community spirit that exists on Loon Lake.  A warm thank you goes out to the following residents for their unselfish assistance;

Kevin and Leanne Peters (and junior rescuer – Morgan)

Colin Smith

Ray Pullen

Phil and Judy Peters

Ron Hanson

Norm Dixon




Loon Lake is so pleased to welcome little Morgan Savannah Peters into our community.

She was born on November 17th in Kamloops.  Weight 6lb 10oz








APRIL 1 TO SEPTEMBER 30/17      


9am – 1 pm

In addition, the transfer station will also be open every Monday of a long weekend beginning Labour Day (May) through to September long weekend.