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Loon Lake Citizen of the Year 2017
This award is given at the annual Christmas Dinner, which was held on Dec. 9th this year.
99%  of the community voted for our 18 + 1  Volunteer Fire Fighters who spent over 5 weeks in here taking care of the remaining buildings and properties after the Elephant Hill Wild Fire stormed through Loon Lake Valley the night of Friday July 14th
Smith, Colin     Chief.
Borri,   Frank
Burdeyney,  Jim 
Cahill, Shawn
Carmichael,  Brian
Carmichael,  Randy
Crawford, Ted
Dixon, Norm
Fraser, Les
Harrison, Jeff
Hart, Daryl
Lennox, Kevin
Passley, Terry
Peters, Kevin
Peters, Leanne
Pullen, Ray
Salisbury, Bill
Ward, Sid
Battershill, Paul    Liaison





In the interest of maintaining our long standing access to the back country via the Wild Rose Ranch, the Loon Lake Community Recreational and Agricultural Society (LLCRAS) would like to make a plea to all those who enjoy the concession of using the Ranch Road.

As some of you know the gate to access the Ranch Road was closed a few months ago.  This occurred as a result of the culmination of a few disrespectful incidents but the most serious event was when a firearm was discharged on ranch property in the immediate proximity to an employee of the ranch.

LLCRAS confirms that the Ranch Road is privately owned and as such the owners have the legal right to close access at any given time and without notice.

In order to preserve the privilege of coming and going on the Ranch Road, LLCRAS is asking all users to conform to some basic rules of common sense. 

Recognize that the Ranch Road is identified as a private road between the 2 cattle guards.  Do not travel off this road with the exception of the smaller road accessing the pipeline to the north.

There is a barbed wire gate a few hundred yards north on this smaller road.  Proper rural etiquette  is:  if the gate is open-leave it open, if the gate is closed-open and close it behind you.

Respect the posted speed limit of 30 kmh.

Absolutely no discharge of firearms for any reason on Ranch property.

The request to not litter on Ranch property shouldn’t have to be mentioned but it is not uncommon to observe this occurring throughout our pristine forest.  If you see obvious litter such as pop or beer containers it would be thoughtful to pick it up.

Observe and Report any violation of these rules either to any employee of the ranch or to any member of Board Member of LLCRAS who can be found on the Loon Lake Community Website.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 






Hello All, from Milt and Judy Krieger

The printer promises us the books by November 25. Allowing for delays, end of the month should see them ready. Thanks to all those with orders and mailing destinations already provided. If there’s no change in the number of copies or the destination, nothing more than payment, as below, is needed. For new or altered orders or addresses, contact us by Nov 25 at 360.733.0086, and supply both your own email and a Canada Post address if conditions in the next paragraph apply.

Re Payment if you want copies mailed: CAN$30 per copy (US$25 for a few people’s convenience) + Canada Post rate for three day shipment. Postage costs: From the Islands through the Lower Mainland to Hope, add $10 for 1 copy, $11 for 2-3 copies, $12 for 4-6 copies. East and north of Hope, add $14 for 1 copy, $16 for 2-3 copies, $18 for 4-6 copies. Pre-pay before we mail, please, either of two ways: cheque made out to Milton   Krieger, sent to 1313 Heritage Hills Court, Bellingham, WA, 98226, U.S.A., or through Pay Pal-Bird Hill Books.

Re Delivery (stay with us here, choices that matter follow, unless Canada Post mailing as above already satisfies you): As an alternative to mailing, in order to save us time, you money and (perhaps) Canada Post from a system crash, we’ve scheduled a Grand Tour face to face delivery option, using (how to spot us) our trusty blue, canoe-racked Ford Ranger, with payment (minus the postage) before or at delivery, by cheque, Pay Pal-Bird Hill Books, or (face to face) cash. We’ve chosen four destinations, each with a time slot, for face to face delivery (pool transport to them, if you’re in touch with other buyers?):  

Th, Nov 30, 11:00-12:30: Surrey (Grandview Corners parking lot at Scotiabank entrance, Unit 10-2411 160th St., next to Marks, easiest to spot while driving east on 24th Ave); Th, Nov 30, 2:00-3:00: Abbotsford (Park and Ride lot at Highway 1, Exit 92, south across street from Crossroads Cafe);

Fri, Dec 1, 1:00-3:00: Loon Lake (Community Hall);

Sat, Dec 2, 12:00-1:00 Kamloops (Visitor Centre parking lot on west edge of city, just north off Highway 1).

If you choose the face to face delivery option, LET US KNOW (at specs above) BY NOV 25, to help us plan. If you’re happy with mailings, disregard the previous paragraph and (assuming pre-payment) we’ll mail your books immediately after the Grand Tour.

Last thought: After the Grand Tour and mailings immediately following it, we’re closing up shop until May 1, when books will again be available at Loon Lake (some of you have already told us that’s OK). If we don’t hear from you by Nov 25, or see you during the Grand Tour, we’ll assume May 1 delivery is soon enough.

Thanks for bearing with this jumble of info. Questions? See our contact specs above.