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TNRD has extended summer hours into the month of October as follows:  


9am – 5 pm

In addition, the transfer station will  be open  Monday, October 9, Thanksgiving long weekend. 






Local Lake residents, Milt and Judy Krieger are publishing a book on Loon Lake’s history.  Their letter below describes their plan to sell their book to interested buyers.  Please contact them at  360.733.0086 or to place your order.


Bellingham/Loon Lake, October 1, 2017

Hello all,

Whether or not you knew about it, or whether this reaches you by email or with a stamp, we started writing a book on Loon Lake’s history in 2006. Many of you have contributed along the way with interviews, family writings and photos, or with tips on people or materials we didn’t know about but needed to, all greatly appreciated.

We’re glad to report the book’s close enough to finished that it’s safe to describe it and to test your interest. The title is “Loon Lake, 1862-2017: An Informal South Cariboo History.” It’s a paperback, 135 pages (bound, eight and a half by eleven inches size), with a preface and ten chapters, three maps and 115 photos, 62 in colour. The cover is a 1989 Christmas season colour photo taken from the Baker ranch, looking west down the lake as the freeze sets in. The attached Table of Contents gives you an idea of the book’s shape. It was meant to be current to mid-2017, but when fire swept in July 7 we added a short last chapter to bring the story up through September.

Here’s where we’re at, re production and schedule. We hoped a B.C. publisher would take the book on. But those with the best marketing and distribution capacity are large enough to have standing commitments that would delay this book’s publication for another year. For a lot of reasons (the fire and current interest in it is the worst of them, the best include our plan to contribute proceeds from the book to lake recovery funding, and quickly, when most needed), we’ll self-publish, in order to be timely. That decided, there’s a reasonable chance the book will be available this fall, for Christmas gift-giving.

That’s where this note fits in. We want some idea of how many copies to print—the higher the volume, the lower our cost. The selling price will be Can$30, plus postage if needed, and please include a Canada Post mailing address with your order if that’s the best delivery option.

We hope this is enough to let you know what’s happening, and for you to make a commitment to purchase, now, however many copies you designate. Let us know by October 20, 360.733.0086 or, we’ll print to the volume indicated, figure out how to work payments, and get this ball rolling.

Thanks for patience if you wondered if the book was alive or dead, and for the support you can register here. Feel free to share this info with others in your family and other people you know who may not get this message. A Facebook page is pending.

Best regards.

Milt and Judy Krieger




 Loon Lake is so pleased to welcome little Morgan Savannah Peters into our community.

She was born on November 17th in Kamloops.  Weight 6lb 10oz