and Agricultural Society



Happy New Year to all Loon Lake Neighbours’ and Friends
2017 is a year most of us are glad to put behind was scary and harsh and has left a lot of people very sad.
We were thrilled to honour our Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Fighter as our 2017 citizens of the year.  The 18 + 1 liaison person on the outside,…are our hero’s for sure.  The awards were presented at our Annual Christmas Dinner on December 9th.
We had a change to our board of directors at the last Election in October and welcomed 2 new board members with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.
There will be a few changes to the operation of the LLCRAS in the coming year.
The community monthly meetings, reduced from 8 to 4, and the meeting days to include at least 1 weekend and some Friday nights , with the hope of giving part time property owners the chance to attend. But the Board will still meet monthly and take care of the business of the lake as needed.
The dynamics of the Lake is changing with the full time population is shrinking and many now heading to warm areas in the winter, making it harder to met the quorum on a cold frosty winter night of -17c.
We plan more communication through this web page and the Loon Lake face book page to inform the membership and property owners of up coming events and activities.  Some of the much loved events like ‘perogie night’ will be resumed,  and the Horseshoe Tournament postponed last summer, for obvious reasons.
Please watch the events section of the webpage for dates and times of what is planned, and we hope to see you there.
Will chat with you all again soon
Faye Morrison