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Loon-Lake-036Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society (LLVFDS)


Phone:  250-459-0083



President:                                  Jeff Harrison

Vice President:                         Lois Harper

Secretary/Tresasurer:            Sandy Eby

Director:                                    Colin Smith

Director:                                    Paul Battershill

Director:                                    Pat Sawatsky

Director:                                    Franko Borri

In July 2016 the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department (LLVFD) in partnership with the TNRD hired Firewise Consulting Ltd. (FWC) to conduct a feasibility study of constructing a 2nd fire hall.  Other terms of reference also included for FWC to conduct an inspection and audit of LLVFD.  Two reports were completed.  Both of these reports are available for reading through the website links provided on the fire department tab.

One of the reports reviewed the organization, administration and operations of LLVFD and the 2nd report titled “LLVFD 2nd Fire Hall Construction & Capital Investment Analysis” provided for 10 recommendations which met the terms of the service agreement between the TNRD and FWC.

Two of the 10 recommendations made by FWC related directly to the issue of Declared Level of Service.  Recommendation 4.1.1 made by FWC was “it is recommended that the LLVFDS confirm with the property owners in the Loon Lake Fire Protection Area the services they wish the LLVFD to provide.”  Additionally, recommendation 11.4.1 stated “it is recommended that the declared level of service for structural firefighting for LLVFD be the Exterior Service Level as defined in the Playbook.” 

Based on previous consultation with property owners, the LLVFD Society has developed a policy statement that best suits the needs of the community and the fire department and also meets the requirements of the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) for B.C.

The policy statement follows for your information.

Jeff Harrison, President

LLVFD Society 



To:  Loon Lake Property Owners

Subject: LLVFD Service Level

The Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society (LLVFDS), as the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) over the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department (LLVFD), confirms the level of service provided by the LLVFD to the landowners/residence within the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department fire protection service area as follows:

  • The LLVFD will engage in Exterior Operations only. As defined in the British Columbia Fire Service Minimum Training Standard Playbook, Exterior Operations is – the service level that includes firefighting activities restricted to the control and/or extinguishment of fire from a position external to the building or object in question, and outside of any Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH).
  • In addition to the limitation described within the Exterior Operations Service Level, the LLVFDS has directed the LLVFD Fire Chief to include further restrictions on the firefighting activities performed by LLVFD members as a result of equipment shortages and training deficiencies, these include;
  1. The use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is not permitted. The Fire Chief or Team Leader will ensure Firefighters are not positioned such that they are exposed to IDLH as a result of no SCBA.
  2. Use of ladders, which includes carrying, erecting and working aloft is restricted to Firefighters who have received recognized documented training.

These additional restrictions are intended to allow the LLVFD to safely and efficiently respond to fire activities within the LLVFD fire protection service area.  The restrictions will be reviewed by the LLVFDS upon request by the LLVFD Fire Chief.

Jeff Harrison, President


Cc:       TNRD Board of Directors

            Ron Storie, Director of Community Services TNRD

            Colin Smith, LLVFD Fire Chief



At the recent Annual Firefighter’s Banquet, one of our volunteer firefighters, Terry Passley, read a poem that he wrote based on his personal experiences as a firefighter.  Very creative and heart-warming.  Thank you Terry.


It was 30 days before Christmas when I looked round the room,

lots of faces not smiling and appeared full of glum.

I was taken back by this lack of good xmas cheer

As it was suppose to be the festive time of the year.


I gave it some thought and wondered just why

and it came right to me without even a try.

Each face told a story of the year that had passed

How they learned about each other and learned it quite fast.


They came from all trades with different skills, jobs and more

And who could believe even the odd “604”

There was Colin the chief or staples as known

Who led this great team without even a moan. 


I guess when you think of the crew that he had

there was nothing else he could do but sit back and be glad.

He had many talents of several great souls

from artists to farmers and paramedics as roles.


We had Sid the mechanic and Les with class 1

even Jeff the ex cop and Leanne the new mom.

We had several full timers we knew were quite handy

Like Daryl and Brian and even young Randy.


Then there was Kevin from the resort Marigold

That runs a fine show from present clients I’m told

There was always a man willing to take up a new job

that would be Mr. Salisbury not his old Uncle Bob.


He had a few key men that he knew he could enlist

just a couple quite seasoned that came with a twist.

There was Norm the electrician who knew all the gear

and Ray that old plumber too perfect to jeer.


So the weather was gorgeous no storm in the mix

until that cloud came and it changed to a classic six.

As we stood at the hall in awe of the stage

We realized Loon Lake was about to turn a new page.


The mood changed quickly on that sun filled day

when the black cloud came in and we couldn’t see a ray.

The lot went all crazy as the new order was given

Everyone get out now this lakes not for liven.


And so it began on that fateful day in July

the test of the team and on who we could rely.

The gloves had been dropped and the line had been drawn

it was only our crew we knew we could count on.


With the chief at the wheel and the captains hands on

Our direction was given as landowners were gone.

We did what we could to defend their sweet homes

Going back and forth to the lake in each given zone.


The water did flow all day and all night

with many crew working to win this great fight.

It took a few weeks to get more hands on the ground

At which time the battle we knew had turned around.


It appeared the worse was over, the help made that clear

the beast had gone past us the end was quite near.

As we did the last back burn to end all the threat

We were thankful to all of the crews we had met.


With everyone leaving we stopped to look around

the mess left behind, great scars and black ground.


My memories will be of the strength of our plan

Each link in the chain that backed every man.

From 33 and its captain who led with great pride

to the rookie he guided along at his side.


So when I look round this room of great faces

I change up my attitude and tighten up my boot laces.

It is that time of year to be smiling, and happy with cheer

to look ahead and be positive for the next year.


How can we change it, what would make it better

It might be that jolly elf in his new Christmas sweater.

Now don’t be confused about the man that I say

Not the big round red guy in a present filled sleigh.


This elf that does come always brings us neat gifts

But this elf works great tools, hot cars and cool lifts.

Some think he works too much, for the family and banko

But we love this elf and he goes by the name of Franko.


This year in his pocket he has the greatest gift of all

It is the sweet letter of chance for the new fire hall.

He is working with TNRD, jeff, paul and yes pat

To build us this new hall where the old one sat.


But what if we could just ask for one more little favour

from this jolly old elf and his quite unique  behaviour.

Can he reach back in his sack, find a promise to make

Not one hall but two, one for each end of the lake!!


LLVFD Head Cook

Terry Passley



As the community is aware, the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society (LLVFDS) is actively conducting the necessary planning and research to re-build the fire department structure and make the recommended improvements to the administration and operations of the fire department.

The recommendations that have been made by the consulting company (Firewise) that were hired to analyse the feasibility of constructing a 2nd fire hall made other recommendations concerning the operations and administration of the fire department.  These are included in the 2 reports below. 

All homeowners are invited to read both reports as they contain very important information that may ultimately be used to make some of the final decisions on moving forward with the fire department re-structure.

The LLVFDS will continue to provide further communication as it is received in order to keep everyone informed.  

Current PDF Articles:

LLVFD Audit and Inspection Report (Final Draft) Aug 10 (DF)

LLVFDS 2nd Hall Capital Cost Analysis Final 22 Aug 16 

TNRD Reviews Main Report October 2017

In the recent TNRD bulletin release titled “The Current”, highlights from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors’ meeting of November 9, 2017 are posted.

I will state verbatim one of the announcements for information of our Loon Lake property owners.

“Taxation Hike to Help Fire Department

Loon Lake Fire Protection Financial Contribution Service Amendment Bylaw No. 2631, 2017, was adopted by the Board, after being granted a third reading at the Oct. 12 Board of Directors meeting.

The Amendment allows for a 25 per cent increase in the annual maximum taxation limit for the financial contribution service.  Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) had requested the TNRD amend its bylaw, which is allowed once every five years under regulation.

The amendment raises the maximum annual limit to $29,437, an increase of $6,777 over the 2017 requisition.”

The bracketed acronym (MVFD) is a spelling error.  It should be (LLVFDS) which is the Loon Lake Volunteer Fire Department Society.

Jeff Harrison, President LLVFDS